Frequently Asked Questions


Depending on your circumstances, your appointment with the doctor will be between $75 to $125. Renewing patients, and patients who are veterans or on SSI and/or Disability pay $75. All other patients pay $125. Once you are certified or recertified, you will pay the Department of Health $50 for a license card that is valid for one year that is issued by the state. However, individuals who participate in Medicaid, PACE, CHIP, SNAP, and WIC may qualify for a discounted $25 card. Together, the certification and the license cost between $100 and $175.
Yes, you should register and have your patient ID number prior to seeing an approved doctor. Please see our guide to this step.
Basic documentation is defined as any document from any health care provider/PCP/specialist/nurse practitioner/behavioral health counselor/etc. that simply states your name and your qualifying condition or illness. Some examples are: after-visit summary given to you after a doctor’s visit; a print-out of your diagnoses from a patient portal; an imaging report; etc. This documentation does not have to be in-depth. If you don’t have access to documentation, we may still be able to help you get your card. Please ask us for more information.
After the doctor certifies you in the system, you will receive an email confirmation with your next steps on how to order and pay for your medical cannabis ID card. If you do not receive an email, log in to your Department of Health account and navigate to the “Make a Payment” tab, where you can make your $50 payment to the state for the card.
Log in as a returning user to the PA DOH website with the username and password that you created when you registered. Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. Click the ‘Make Payment’ tab and follow the prompts to enter payment information. The fee for the patient or caregiver ID card is $50. Individuals who participate in Medicaid, PACE, CHIP, SNAP and WIC may qualify for a discounted ($25) ID card. A confirmation will appear when you have successfully paid for the medical cannabis ID card.
You should receive your card approximately 10-14 days after you order it online. The card will be mailed to the address listed in your Patient Profile.
If your card has not arrived within three weeks, log back into your Department of Health account and check to see if your certification status is “Active” in the Patient Certifications tab. If it is, request a new card via the “Profile Settings” tab. If your certification status is “Inactive,” let us know at!
With a valid medical cannabis ID card, you can purchase medical cannabis at any dispensary in Pennsylvania. Some dispensaries will require an appointment. Here is a map of dispensaries in the area.
Medical marijuana is regulated by the state of Pennsylvania. Federal cannabis laws apply, and may be important in certain situations. The PA Department of Health’s FAQ answers many questions about regulations around MMJ. If you do not know your employer’s regulations around MMJ, you may want to speak to a Human Resources department or a representative with a similar role.
Once a certification has been established, it’s highly recommended that you keep a log of your usage to better help your doctor track effectiveness of the prescribed dosage and subsequent positive or negative impact on your medical condition.
Mango Management LLC is the scheduling and data management team behind Mango Medicinal. We work to securely connect patients with MMJ providers, and help to answer any questions you may have about the registration and certification process.